The Civilization Engineering® overview DVD’s and Syllabus

This package contains three DVD’s running a total of four and one half hours of presentation by lecturer and author Dennis Riness which covers the basic elements of how to build the world’s first stable, durable civilization. The package also includes a 70 page course Syllabus and Glossary unique to the new subject of Civilization Engineering®.

  • The DVD/Syllabus package costs $20.00 per copy which includes California State tax where applicable and shipping costs.

Money: Executive Summary

Money: Executive Summary is a 17 page summary of the essential elements describing a Private Enterprise Money System available in PDF format by Internet download. If you want to engineer a money system from scratch or are being asked to use a new money system, this is what you need to know about how a money system should work. Money is an essential component of a stable, durable civilization.

    • The Money: Executive Summary costs $1.00 per download

The Study Cycle

The Study Cycle™ is a 17 page summary of the seven-step process the student should always follow when learning anything. The Study Cycle™ is based on the three essential principles that encompass the learning process, coupled with some study tactics. First we shall examine in turn each of the three principles that fully describe the learning process. Then these insights will be incorporated into the seven steps necessary for effective, efficient knowledge acquisition.

    • The Study Cycle™ costs $1.00 per download

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How to build the world’s first stable, durable civilization