Long Run

  • In the long run the principles articulated in the Overview Presentation of Civilization Engineering® will guide us to the construction of the world’s first stable, durable civilization.  Building a civilization that will work correctly and not self-destruct is an exercise in engineering.  The engineering in turn rests on the Intentional Sciences which are developed in the Overview Presentation of Civilization Engineering®.  The Intentional Sciences are the integration of knowledge in the domain of human action and interaction and have applicability in many arenas, not just the long run objective of a stable, durable civilization.  In the Overview Presentation it is shown that the enterprises that produce the products of freedom, justice, communities and even governmental services present enormous profit opportunities to those willing to bring them into existence.  This application is for the truly far-sighted and strong-willed only.  For those not quite so ambitious, it is suggested you look at medium- and short-run applications and opportunities.

Medium Run

  • In the medium run, there are a number of enterprises that can be established that will contribute greatly toward building the world’s first stable, durable civilization.  Among these are education, health care, geographical communities, financial services for life, and legal-defense associations to mention just a few.  Any arena that has been usurped by the coercive, political state represents a business opportunity.  The “dead hand of bureaucracy” has made total hash of every arena it has touched and when a profit-seeking enterprise that treats its customers as, well, customers enters the arena it will eclipse anything the bureaucrats can muster.

Short Run

  • The application of the principles of the Intentional Sciences in the workplace will be dramatic.  Any business enterprise can be “tuned up” by applying the principles of Measured Exchange, which is based on the recognition that the only way to really motivate employees is to impinge on their own sense of self-preservation i.e. on their internal value hierarchy.  (The value hierarchy is fully developed in the Overview Presentation.)  The principles of Measured Exchange coupled with a well thought-out organizational technology will give any enterprise that true management technology so long sought for and still missing from Corporate America.  Any enterprise that deploys these technologies will be a true stand-out and will eclipse all its competition.

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How to build the world’s first stable, durable civilization