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How to build the world’s first
stable, durable civilization

All civilizations of the past have, sooner or later, failed. All current civilizations are in the process of failing. There are not a thousand different reasons civilizations have failed. There is only one. All civilizations fail because they institutionalize coercion. The only civilization that could survive is one that eliminates coercion in its design; one that eliminates coercion in all of its institutions.

In the American case, under the US Constitution, the primary defect in the institutions was combining the functions of Community with the functions of Government in the same institution, and making everything compulsory. Separate these functions of Community and Government and make everything voluntary— not coercive— and you have created the foundation for the world’s first stable, durable civilization.

Come join with us in the greatest intellectual exercise of all time and let us re-write the US Constitution so we do not self-destruct this time— for our own sake and as an example to the world. The principles needed for this momentous task are found in the body of work on this website and are called Civilization Engineering®.

This is not a call for a Con-Con (Constitutional Convention under Article 5 of the current US Constitution). The current system under the US Constitution is not salvageable— it is currently collapsing of its own bad design. This is a call for an unobstructed dialog and redesign of the Constitution without the politics involved with the current vested interest. We keep the initial goal of the Constitution— to protect the lives and property of the citizens— and redesign the institutions along strictly voluntary lines to achieve this goal.

Dennis Riness
May 2016

How to build the world’s first stable, durable civilization